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What’s trendy now won’t be a trend in the next 4-5 months

Looking artificial isn’t a trend, but being organic is. Don’t get pressurised and go for surgeries. And when that gives instant gratification, some people want to look like that in reality too.”. Go with your own idea of beauty. Fads change every few weeks, so all we can do is be ourselves and be happy. He says, “Everyone wants to look like Kim Kardashian or Barbie dolls. Now, I make sure I look nice to myself, no matter what other people say,” she adds. But such extreme surgeries will harm you. Some go for such surgeries when they suffer from body dysmorphic disorder, a mental disorder where one can’t stop thinking about their perceived defects or flaws in their appearance,” says psychologist Dr Diana Monteiro.”Model Alice Rosario says that beauty means being your true self. And now, fans want to do the same.

Fads come and go. Several Indians, too, are not averse to go under the knife to improve their appearances.The most shocking transformation however, is of a transgender woman named Eva, who spent thousands of dollars on surgeries to look like a dragon! This makes one wonder why people are so obsessed to look a certain way and why they go to the extent of risking their life when they look perfectly alright in the first place. Singer Rihanna and model Bella Hadid are also known to show off their ‘perky’ and ‘protruding’ nipples in see-through tops just like Kendall. She must have tried to mimic that in real life,” says Dr Sameer Karkhanis, Chief Plastic Surgeon, Centre for Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery. Also, doctors who perform such surgeries should make sure that their patients are psychologically alright and that they really want to get operated,” she adds. They have body image issues. They want to change everything, from their bone structure to skin conditions.

What’s trendy now won’t be a trend in the next 4-5 months. She adds, “The fashion industry is now trying to encourage models to be who they are.Another bizarre trend that’s doing the rounds is the designer nipples trend, where people are getting nipple fillers to make their nipples look like model Kendall Jenner’s.Actress Adah Sharma agrees that youngsters are pressurised to look ‘perfect’. Bereft of her modelling assignments, Bruna is depressed and warning people on social media to not be as naive as her. With almost every celebrity having a social media presence, the common public follows them and wants to look like them. We shouldn’t fall for them.Dr Sameer adds that it’s impossible to produce such extreme results.Social media can be a toxic mirror.”

Citing her own example, Adah narrates that back when skinny eyebrows were a trend, everyone asked her to get hers shaped that way too. “I listened to people then and did it, but I was silly.“There are so many apps and filters on the Internet that completely alter how a person looks. “When people take such risks to alter their appearances even when they look fine, it is because deep inside, they aren’t happy about how they steel letters for sale look. One can look like at the videos that American Association of Plastic Surgeons (AAPS) or Interna-tional Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) put up on their websites to see what surgeries are safe and approved.

There are apps that can change one’s eye colour too.“Youngsters must have a positive self-image. Maybe that’s what happened with the girl who got operated to change her eye colour. As someone who has been in the glamour industry for long, she advises, “There’s no fixed template to look perfect.Instagram model Nadinne Bruna sent shockwaves across the world when she revealed that she was left with the sight of a 90-year-old after she underwent a surgery to change her hazel eyes to light grey

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Its a strong argument for government control over this kind of technology

The statement also said Citizen Labs allegations were "technically inaccurate and intentionally misleading," but a representative for the company has yet to supply an example of a misleading or inaccurate claim.American officials acknowledged Monday that ground operations against the jihadist groups remnants in eastern Syria were on hold because Kurdish fighters were being diverted to the battle against Turkey. "Its a strong argument for government control over this kind of technology. Although Turkey considers the YPG a terrorist organization, the group provides the backbone of the U.Turk Telekom said in a statement that it complies with Turkish law and doesnt interfere with internet users access. Citizen Lab scoured the internet for signs of the spying and eventually traced the activity to the Turkish provinces of Adana, Hatay, Gaziantep, Diyarbakir and to the Turkish capital, Ankara, as well as parts of northern Syria and Egypt. In 2016, Forbes reported that engineers at Procera were so troubled at the prospect of supplying surveillance hardware for use by Turk Telekom that six of them quit in protest.

Network injection - so-called because malicious software is mini brass letters injected into everyday internet traffic by whoever controls the network - has long been feared as a particularly powerful form of government spying."I do not wish to spend the rest of my life with the regret of having been a part of (Turkish President Recep Tayyip) Erdogans insanity, so Im out," one the engineers said in a letter of resignation quoted by Forbes.Paris: A Canadian companys hardware is being used to hack internet users along Turkeys border with Syria, researchers said Friday, adding that there were signs that Kurdish forces aligned with the United States might have been targeted. He said there were hints suggesting some of the targets are affiliated with the YPG, the Kurdish Marxist rebel group which is fighting Turkish forces for control of the northwestern Syrian province of Afrin.The revelation comes as Turkey presses its offensive against the Kurds dug in along the countrys frontier with northwestern Syria - a conflict that threatens to disrupt the American-led effort to extinguish the Islamic State group."

A representative for the company did not immediately respond to follow-up questions.Sandvines ties to the Turkey government have been the subject of previous reporting."Citizen Lab identified the hardware behind the hacking as PacketLogic devices produced by Procera - a Fremont, California-based company that was recently folded into Canada-based network management firm Sandvine, which is owned by American private equity group Francisco Partners.Citizen Lab said it discovered the hacking after a European cybersecurity company reported that network service providers in two unidentified countries were trying to compromise their users using a powerful hacking technique known as network injection. The apparent use of Canadian technology to target a US ally was an irony underlined by Ron Deibert, the director of the internet watchdog group Citizen Lab, which published a report on the spying."Once we have the necessary data, we will conduct a full investigation and take appropriate action," Sandvine said."

These companies are not closely regulated - and that can lead to a lot of unintended consequences, including consequences that harm our foreign policy interests and human rights interest as well," said Deibert.LinkedIn shows at least 16 Procera-Sandvine employees listed as working in Egypt or Turkey.In a statement issued before the reports release, Sandvine said it investigates all allegations of abuse, but said it had been unable to complete its inquiry because Citizen Lab refused to provide the company with its findings in full.-backed operations against the Islamic State in eastern Syria. It added that the company "does not redirect any internet user to receive malicious downloads of popular software applications.S.

Although the identities of those being spied on in Turkey and Egypt arent clear, Marczak said that the devices appeared to be installed on the network belonging to Turk Telekom, a leading phone and internet provider in Turkey as well as parts of northern Syria. One Sandvine engineer based in Cairo listed "lawful interception" - a commonly used euphemism for state-sanctioned surveillance - as one of his interests."This can potentially be used to target anyone in the country with the click of the button," said Bill Marczak, the lead author of the report

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Screening all those who have had a surgery 10 to 15 years back

Dr Ramanjaneyulu Erukulla, senior consultant gastroenterologist and hepatologist explains, “Those who undergo blood transfusion and surgeries must get their blood tested after a few months.”Apart from these factors there are also cases of unprotected sex, multiple utilisation of personal care items like toothbrushes and razors which have infected people with the virus.The increasing cases of hepatitis B and C is primarily due to blood transfusions with unscreened blood, surgical procedures that follow unsafe practices and use of unsterile needles by diabetics and intravenous drug users.

The increasing cases of liver diseases and liver cancers in the country are making doctors look at Hepatitis B and C closely. Chronic Hepatitis C cases, which reach hospitals require aggressive treatment.Hepatitis B causes 60,000 deaths every year in India alone, according to World Health Organisation. If there is Illuminated sign Manufacturers damage to the liver, they can be fatal as very little can be done to make it bounce back. This is one of the prime reasons where secondary causes of transmission are showing up in people. While the disease shows few symptoms in the early stages, people often ignore it and that leads to further development.Dr Sethu Babu, senior gastroenterologist says,

“Screening all those who have had a surgery 10 to 15 years back, and those who have received transfusion in the past should be made special targets.”While blood is subjected to tests at the best of centres, there is a window period of 60 days for the virus to show in the tests.”Effective awareness is the need of the hour.Dr Ramanjaneyulu adds, “Awareness of the disease is very low in India. Some of them also have liver cancer.. Often, we find patients coming with full blown virus due to surgeries and blood transfusion. Diabetics, who are using self-injections, must also be sensitised on the safe methods, state experts.

Regular screening, Hepatitis B vaccination and safe injection practices must be followed by the medical fraternity in the rural areas. In hospitals, we are now finding these patients coming with full blown disease and serious liver complications. “Pregnant women coming to the institutes are screened but those who are missed continue to carry the virus which proves fatal. Hepatitis B and C is a virus that causes acute to severe infection in the liver and needs to be treated properly. Anti-viral therapy is not only economical but is also highly cost effective if the disease is detected early.The prevalence of Hepatitis C is one per cent in the general population but doctors state that due to lack of screening, the actual numbers are not known

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The current focus of the labs is on activities such as collaborative research

Extensive tutorials and approach documents will also be provided to students to facilitate practical exercises.The Samsung Innovation Lab at IIT-Guwahati will train students on the wholesale light box signs Internet of Things (IoT), Embedded Systems, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, helping them learn industry-relevant skills and making them job-ready. The Samsung Innovation Lab at IIT-Guwahati will research areas such as Pervasive Computing, Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning, IoT, Embedded Systems. More Samsung Innovation Labs are expected to come in the future.--Press Release--.

Samsung Digital Academy is Samsung’s corporate social initiative that aims to bridge the digital divide and proficiency gaps in the country by skilling students on cutting-edge technology.“I sincerely feel that Samsung Digital Academy Programme at IIT -Guwahati would increasingly help Assam to emerge as a key player in the development of next-generation technology ecosystems and help the state in becoming a potential destination for skill development mission from a digital perspective. Through this partnership with IIT-Guwahati, the academy targets to train over 300 students in the next three years on these cutting edge technologies.

The current focus of the labs is on activities such as collaborative research with Samsung and course/training offered by Samsung. The course will be taught over 14 weeks through classroom lectures, assignments and lab room sessions, self-study and mini-projects.Samsung has so far set up five Samsung Innovation Labs in IIT-Delhi, IIT-Kanpur, IIT-Hyderabad, IIT-Kharagpur and IIT-Roorkee as part of its Samsung Digital Academy program. I further hope that the collaboration between Samsung and IIT-Guwahati in rolling out this skill initiative will play a crucial role in helping the government develop sustainable employment options in the state,” said honble Chief Minister of Assam, Shri Sarbananda Sonowal.

Samsung India today inaugurated the Samsung Digital Academy at IIT-Guwahati, thereby strengthening its commitment towards the government’s Skill India mission and also bolstering the Digital India initiative.The curriculum at the Samsung Innovation Lab at IIT-Guwahati will include the Internet of Things (IoT), embedded systems, artificial intelligence and machine learning. We are confident that Samsung Innovation Lab, which is part of our citizenship initiatives, will help students leverage the growing digital technologies market and develop their talent,” said Pieter Rhee, Corporate Vice President, Samsung India.“At Samsung, we aim to foster a culture of innovation amongst the students and provide them with the best possible infrastructure

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When I look at other countries like India that are working

We have always given the message of peace)"."PM Modi also said, "Hum uss desh ke vaasi hain jisne dunia ko yuddh nahi Buddh diye hain, shanti ka sandesh diya hai.Addressing the issue of single use plastics he said, "While I was coming here, I read on the walls of the United Nations "No more single use plastic".He also said that our motto is “sabka sath, sabka vikas”.Coming to one of the persistent topic of the PMs visit he said, "We believe that terrorism is not a challenge for any one country, but for all countries and of mankind as a whole.

“When I look at other countries like India that are working and heading towards development, my resolution “our efforts, results for everyone,” becomes even stronger," PM Modi said in New York. So for the sake of humanity, all the world has to unite against terror. (We are from a country that has given people like Buddha to the world and not war. He had made it clear that India wanted to pursue bilateral talks with Pakistan in an environment of peace, free from the shadow of terror.The 69th session of the UNGA had witnessed the Indian Prime Minister calling for the early adaptation of the Comprehensive Convention on Global Terrorism, highlighting that it was a matter that had been pending for long.

“Harmony and peace not dissension is our message,” Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in his UNGA address.New York: Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the the 74th United Nations General Assembly session in New York.PM Modi began his speech by saying, "This year, the world’s biggest democracy held the world’s biggest election in which the people of the country voted for me and my government because of which I got the opportunity to be here," the Prime Minister said as he began his address at the 74th UNGA session.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his UNGA speech said that the country is committed to eradicating Tuberculosis by 2025, while noting that the dateline is five years ahead of that set by the United Nations under its sustainable development goals. I am delighted to inform you that we are running a big campaign in India to free the country of single use plastic..He also added, "When a developing nation successfully carries out the biggest cleanliness drive of the world and provides more than 11 crore toilets to its people just within 5 years, that system gives a message of inspiration to the China wholesale light box signs entire world.

Through the week the Prime Minister held bilateral meetings with US president Donald Trump and other world leaders, including Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Italian President Giuseppe Conte and Emir of Qatar Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad."PM Modis remark in the ban on single use plastic was very well received and get a huge round of applause from those gathered there

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The research by Google and the University of Texas at Austin

Christopher Shallue, an artificial intelligence researcher at Google, and Andrew Vanderburg, an astronomer at the University of Texas at Austin, said they plan to continue their work light box signs Manufacturers by analyzing Kepler data on more than 150,000 other stars. “Machine learning really shines in situations where there is so much data that humans can’t search it for themselves.The software’s artificial “neural network” combed through data about 670 stars, which led to the discovery of planets Kepler 80g and Kepler 90i.

In this case, software learned differences between planets and other objects by analyzing thousands of data points, achieving 96 percent accuracy, NASA said at a news conference.Alphabet Inc’s Google and NASA said on December 14 that advanced computer analysis identified two new planets around distant stars, including one that is part of the first-star system with as many planets as Earth’s solar system.”Vanderburg has received funding through a NASA fellowship aimed at distant-planet researchers.The data came from the Kepler telescope which NASA launched into space in 2009 as part of a planet-finding mission that is expected to end next year as the spacecraft runs out of fuel.“In my spare time,

I started Googling for ‘finding exoplanets with large data sets’ and found out about the Kepler mission and the huge data set available,” he said. The latter, a scorching, rocky mass 30 percent larger than Earth, is the eighth planet found to be orbiting the same star.Astronomers had never before observed an eight-planet network beside the solar system that includes Earth, researchers said..Machine learning had not been applied to data acquired by the Kepler telescope until Shallue came up with the idea, he said.

The research by Google and the University of Texas at Austin that used data from NASA raised the prospects of new insights into the universe by feeding data into computer programs that can churn through information faster and more in-depth than humanly possible, a technique known as machine learning.“As the application of neutral networks to Kepler data matures, who knows what might be discovered,” said Jessie Dotson, a NASA project scientist for the Kepler space telescope.Advancements in hardware and new techniques for machine learning have made it possible in recent years for automated software to tackle data analysis in science, finance and other industries

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Researchers found that after the injection of kisspeptin

Volunteers underwent MRI scans and were shown sexual and non-sexual romantic, negative and neutral-themed images and images of happy, fearful and neutral emotional faces.The study was published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation. Kisspeptin did not appear to alter emotional brain activity in response to neutral, happy or fearful-themed images. "This raises the interesting possibility that kisspeptin may have uses in treating psychosexual disorders and depression which are major health problems which often occur together, but further studies would be needed to investigatethis," said Comninos.

They are particularlyinterested in how kisspeptin might be able to help people with psychosexual disorders and related problems with conceiving a baby."Most of the research and treatment methods for infertility to date have focused on the biological factors that may make it difficult for a couple to conceive naturally," said Waljit Dhillo, professor at Imperial College."Our study shows that kisspeptin boosts sexual and romantic brain activity as well as decreasing negative mood," said Alexander Comninos from Department of Medicine at Imperial.The study involved a double-blind, placebo-controlled trial in which 29 healthy heterosexual young men were given either an injection of kisspeptin or placebo.

Researchers found that after the injection of kisspeptin, when the volunteers were shown sexual or romantic images of couples, there was enhanced activity in structures in thebrain typically activated by sexual arousal and romance. They believe this shows kisspeptin boosts behavioural circuits associated with sex and love.Researchers at Imperial College London in the UK found that the romantic hormone - kisspeptin - can enhance activity in brain regions associated with sexual arousal andromantic love. "These of course play a huge part in brass signs Suppliers reproduction, but the role that the brain and emotional processing play in this process is also very important, and only partially understood," said Dhillo.

As the research is at an early stage, the researchers now want to do a follow on study to analyse the effects of kisspeptin in a larger group, including women as well as men.In an MRI scanner the men were shown a variety of images, including sexual and non-sexual romantic pictures of couples, whilst researchers scanned their brains to see how kisspeptin affected the brains responses..However, when volunteers were shown negative images, kisspeptin did enhance activity in brain structures important in regulating negative moods and study participants reported a reduction in negative mood in a post-scan questionnaires.London: Injecting kisspeptin, a naturally occurring hormone inside the body, may help treat some psychosexual disorders that commonly occur in patients with infertility, researchers including an Indian-origin, suggest

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